Co-curricular Activities


                                                         KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA, CHIKKAMAGALURU
                                     List Of Co -Curricular Activites for the session 2019-20
April 6.04.2019 House / Club formation Open to all
20.04.2019 Talent show  Open to all
27.04.2019 solo song Individual
June 22.06.2019 Drawing and colouring Open to all
29.06.2019 Practice for   Investiture Ceremony House wise
July 6.07.2019 Investiture Ceremony House wise
20.07.2019 English calligraphy Open to all
27.07.2019 Birthday card making Open to all
August 03.08.2019 House meeting Open to all
17.08.2019 Group Song Group
24.08.2019 Value based skit  Group
September 31.09.2019 Collage making Open to all
14.09.2019 to  28.09.2019 Hindi Pakhwada celebration and competitions House wise
October 5.10.2019 English Recitation House wise
  19.10.2019 sanskrit sholka recitation Individual
November 02..11.2019 Quiz Group
16.11.2019 Rangoli  Group
14.11.2019 Childrens Day Open to all
23.11.2019 Pick and speak  Individual House wise
December 30.11.2019 Solgan writing in english House wise
14.12.2019 Practice for group dance House wise
21.12.2019 Group dance House wise